A Down Week and Taum Sauk Mountain

After a 6 week stretch of averaging about 65 miles, I decided to pump the breaks a bit this week and take it easy on miles. I still had 7 hours across 2 runs but I was able to get some extra sleep, recover a bit from a cold, and navigate a fair amount of traveling with work. The big run was a 6 hour 26 mile rocky scramble down in the Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. Taum Sauk is the highest point in Missouri. Clocking in at a breath taking 1776 feet above sea-level. While this is not a huge mountain by any stretch, the trail to get up the thing is no picnic. There are tons of rocks and rough footing along the way with very few easily runnable sections. Perfect for working on turnover and making that proprioception work overtime. The weather was great and the views were fantastic. A really rugged and scenic area that is totally worth visiting. Just make sure you have some plans on water. We all ran out. http://youtu.be/2K_20Zl72HA