A Medical Mystery

What was thought to be a gallbladder problem apparently is not.  My ultrasound, negative.  HIDA scan, nada.  Blood tests, slightly low vitamin D but not in an alarming range.  So.... I'm currently a medical mystery.  The good news is my symptoms of being light headed, nauseous, lethargic have lessened considerably or are gone all together.  The pain in my upper rib cage is there but also considerably less than before.  Certain food seems to trigger it more than others so I am really dialing my diet in.  No soy, dairy, or gluten.  At a minimum those foods can be inflammatory so even just driving down some of the inflammation could help.  I'm also taking a digestive enzyme with every meal as well as a vitamin d supplement.  The vitamin d seems to be helping a lot with the tiredness.  Plus the grey skies seem to be clearing so more time in the sun will happen shortly. Running is getting back to something that resembles training.  I ended up with 33 miles last week and felt overall good.  I'm lined up for 50 this week. I'm going to keep maintaining the diet and getting the exercise in as it does not seem to effect things negatively.   I see a GI specialist the first week of April.  Hopefully this will turn out to be a food allergy/sensitivity that I can control and be pretty much over it by the time that GI appointment is here.  I am without a doubt in a better place now than I have been for a few months.