Double Booked and Training Update

I'm going to work this May 19th schedule backwards.  Had tickets to a show with my wife that started at 8PM-1AM. My daugher's ballet recital that we needed to have her at the auditorium at 5:30. Drive 2 hours back from the race to my house.  I needed to run 50 miles in 8 hours.  One of these did not happen. I feel pretty good about my ability to run long and not be a total lump of a person afterwards.  I routinely run 4-6 hours on a Saturday then go home and mow the yard.  Heck, even after my last 50 I ended up staying awake through Saturday Night Live (don't judge me).  I figured that since I had an entry into the Berryman 50, I'd go run 50 miles that morning then just jump right in the car and continue on like a normal human.

Let's just say that was a bad call.  Given a 6:30AM start, I'd of needed to run about 8 hours to make all of this click (my buddy Chad won in just over 8). I'm sure I am capable of that but probably not in 90+ degree heat in May.  Long story short, I packed it up after one loop in 3:53 then headed home and still barely made it in time to get out the door.  If I did not have the day planned that I did, I would have just stuck it out and got it done, but I made the executive decision to call it and be home for the family.  Bad planning on my part, I should have just ran the marathon distance but figured "what the heck, lets see what happens."

Monday - Moderate pace run - 10.58 miles

Tuesday - light core and tabata sprints on the bike

Wednesday - Core and Negative split. Ran with my buddy Jason. First 4 miles @ 8:00's. Second 4 miles progressed a bit and landed 20:12 for the last 5k. - 8 miles

Thursday - core and no time for a run with work schedule

Friday - rest

Saturday - 1 loop at Berryman. 25.4 miles

Sunday - off

Total - 44 miles and 6:30 of total training.

A light week but 3 very solid runs.  The good news about stopping after one loop is no downtime to recover as Tahoe 100 approaches. Less than 2 months away now.  My wife and I worked out logistics and have our flights booked. Let get it!!