Gear used at Leadville 100

I realized that I had not ever posted what I had used from a gear and nutritional standpoint at Leadville. Maybe not that important right? Well being a self-proclaimed "gear hound" and creating video based gear reviews over the last few year, I figured it was in fact my duty to do so. If you were waiting to see this (funny enough I have had a few emails asking) here it goes.



  • Electrolytes - Nuun and Endurolytes - I had a fresh bottle of NUUN given to me at each crew spot and took an Endurolyte whenever I felt like my stomach was "sloshy" I also carried a water bottle with straight water in it.
  • Calories - For my synthetic calories, I used Clif Shots, GU Roctane, GU Chomps. At aid stations, I drank chicken noodle soup, coke, ate potato chips, pretzles, M&M's and pretty much anything else that looked good.

That about covers it, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments of hit me up on Twitter at @travisliles