Get on the training train

It has been a rough spring at Case De Liles.  We are still setteling in to our new Portland stomping grounds. The different flowers and pollen have really wreaked havok on allergies I didn't deal with much  before.  Lastly, my daughter seems to be bringing home colds and flus at a high rate that luckily I have mostly held off but still fell some of the effects from.

 My running has been OK. I've been consistent but the volume has not been there and the long runs have been hit and miss.  However, I finally feel right after stringing together several good weeks in a row.  We are over the hump on back on track as a household which gets me right for my hobby.  I'm sitting in that 50 miles a week range that is my "comfort mileage" zone. I can do a lot in this range as long as I keep it steady.  It is a great base number that allows me some piece of mind that I can start packing on more and handle to load. Which is what is happening now. 

I've bumped up to 60 miles and over 10k of climb the last 2 weeks. My body is responding well. I pushed a hard climb about 16 miles into a 20 miler on Saturday and could feel my fitness and muscle memory waking up.  It also doesn't hurt to have my good budy and old training partner Jason as a Portlander now as well.  Misery loves company.  Might as well "suffer" together.

The only chink in this armor is I had a small mass removed from my back this morning that is going to set me back a few days while the wound heals up. The doctor said is was just a fatty tumor which was a relief, but I have to let the location where they cut it out heal up a bit before I can get going hard again.  They said 5 days which means I should be back in business by the weekend, so I'll hit a few back to backs this weekend to keep the volume up.

photo by Jordan Carey

photo by Jordan Carey