Hey, here's a post

Man, it's been a bit since I've done one of these. I had done so well getting the weekly training posted up all the way though Tahoe 100 then sort of fell off the cliff.  This lack of posting came from; 1.) I was a bit burnt out.  I trained my tail off for Tahoe and it did not go as planned so I got in that post athletic depression sort of thing that hits us all from time to time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not wallowing in sorrow or anything, bad races happen, just lacked the motivation to write anything up.  Plus my training has been a lot of maintenance thus not seeming as important to write about. 2.) I was Co-race director for my first ever race (Mark Twain 100),  which was a major success, though I am a bit biased.  Wow, did it take up a lot of time.  It is far easier to run a 100 then to put one on, but we'll be back next year and can't wait to expand our field and take the lessons that we learned and apply them. There's the reasons I have not posted, now here's what has been going down as of late.  I am at 1919 mile ran this year.  I hit 200 miles ran for the month of September with a fair amount of strength, core, and cycling mixed in.  I am feeling almost back to where I was pre Tahoe in terms of fitness and this past week's training has my confidence way up over where it was just a few weeks ago.  This is a great sign and how I hope to trend going into the rugged, backwoodsy  Ozark Trail 100 which is just a bit over a month away on November 3rd.

Monday: Abs and sprint workout. - 3.1 miles

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: Easy run with strides and interval bike ride - 9 miles

Thursday: Hill session and core - 8.5 miles

Friday: easy 4 pushing my daughter in the jogger

Saturday: 4 hours on the Green Rock trail with the boys. Great weather and felt like I could run forever. - 21 miles

Sunday: Negative split run for 1 hour.  8:14's out and 6:35's coming back with a 6:07 for my last mile of the week. Smokin!! some core work and a recovery ride - 8 miles

Total: 54 miles ran, 11:16 minutes of total training