Not lucky enough to get your name pulled in the Western States lottery bust still want to follow the action?   Below are a few different ways in which you can “watch” from home or where ever else you might be Saturday through Sunday.

Event Live Cast – This is the easiest way to follow the race and see who is leading, who is ahead of cut-offs, and where runners are dropping from the race between Squaw Valley and Auburn. UPDATE - I noticed that you can add favorite runners to follow on the Event Live Cast page.  Just type in the runners name or bib number and then choose their name.  Once their profile page comes up click the "Add Favorite" button and their name will appear in the left hand column.  I am not sure what the limit is to add, but I have added 11 so far.
Email Updates – Don’t have a phone with a web browser that can render the Event Live Cast?  Sign up for email updates.  Go here put in your name and email address.  Once you submit you will get your confirmation code that will take you to a site where you can pick up to 5 runners to receive email updates on these runners as they pass through checkpoints.
Twitter – There will be lots of folks along the course tweeting all day.  Some will be giving specific race updates other will be tweeting about the runners they are there to crew and support.  Either way following along via twitter is a great way to get all kinds of Western States 100 information.   Try out the 2 options below.
    - Go out to and type in ws100 (anything where the phrase ws100 shows up in a tweet) or #ws100 (only post             tagged with #ws100)  in the search box
    - Follow and get great updates about the leaders and the race all day long.
Anything I missed?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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