Leadville 100 Training Update

Man, this has come up fast! It just seems like a few short months ago I was discussing my plan for the year and how Leadville 100 was going to be my big race for the year. A lot has happened and I’ve had my most productive year of running to-date.

Yearly Stats

  • 1316 total running miles
  • ~185 miles a month
  • ~46 miles a week

To the seasoned ultrarunner those probably don’t look like much, but for someone like myself who really only been running for 4 years now, I’ll take it. I’m up almost 40 miles a month over last year and well within reach of my goal of running 2010 miles in 2010. I would also say that my quality of run has gone way up. In the years past, I’ve just tried to get miles in to build my base. I figured with a few years of relatively consistent training that I would work on picking up the pace a bit to get some better turnover. It has worked as I have dropped some solid times down by my standards at the races I have competed at this year. To add to that, none of these races have been full effort. They have all been run with the idea of being able to get up and run again the next day. I really wanted to stress consistency this year versus lots of peaks and valleys.

Races and Training of note

  • 3 Days of Syllamo – 50k (5:36) followed the next morning with a 50 mile run (10:36). Day 3 was canceled (80 miles in 2 days)
  • Mad City 50k (4:28) The course was a 10k loop repeated 5 times, I negative split every loop
  • Chubb 50k (4:58) 7 days after Mad City with 30 miles of training between made (90 miles in 8 days)
  • Vermont 200, pacing and crewing for Ryan Dexter. 60 miles of pacing in about a 36 hour stretch.
  • Back-to-back 70 mile weeks the last week of August – the first week of July.

So there you have it, throw that on top of me being in Leadville for almost 2 weeks to acclimate and an awesome crew coming out to help and all I have to do now is run the race… easy right?