New Vasque Mindbender Color

I ran a lot in the Mindbender last year.  In fact I wore the same pair from start to finish in the Leadville 100 and paced two buddies during their 100 milers, over 35 miles each, wearing them. The design looks pretty much the same as last year but there is a new colorway of Olive Branch/Peat.  Hopefully they've also added a lace loop on the tounge too (can't tell from the picture).  My one big complaint was the tounge was free floating and had a tendancy to slide to one side or the other.  From the looks of this picture straight off of the tounge has been modifield to be longer but I can't really tell if anything else is different.  They've added lace loops for the GoreTex version as you can see from the close up but sometimes GoreTex versions get a little more treatment versus stardard versions to keep more of the nasties out. Guess we'll have to wait until Feb 4th comes around to see what's in store with more detail.!/Vasque/posts/193462637334835