Pics and Videos from Leadville - Take 2

I’ve been out here right at a week now and I have to say the scenery is really nice! Not sure the winter months are too kind but it’s pretty much as nice as I could ask for right now. Attached are a few pictures and videos I have had the chance to take and make while I have been here acclimating for the Leadville 100 Next weekend. Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

- Approx 2 miles into the race (1500 bikes roll though) -

-Around mile 20 coming off of power line watching eventual winner Levi Leiphiemer power down the dirt road -

Getting a little higher

-Hope Pass, 12,600 feet -

-Mosquito Pass 13,100 (plus we climbed to the radio tower on the next peak) -


I have been lucky enough to be able to get out here close to 2 weeks early and not only see some sights, but also get on what is the major climb of the course in Hope Pass. While it’s a long climb and certainly longer by almost 10 fold than anything around my home, it’s not impossible for us flatlanders. It has beautiful views and can be climbed, just one step at a time. Getting pumped! Travis