Shin Splints

so... after never even having even the hint of shin splints before, I have suddenly been hit with then in my left leg.  It all started out in Vermont when I was pacing for the McNaughton 200.  I think a few factors played into it flaring up.  Mainly the mud and muck out there was horrible so I had my shoes clamped down extra tight to keep them from getting sucked off my feet.  I think this put pressure on the tendon that runs from my shin to the top of my foot thus accelerating any minor damage that was present.  I’ve decided to take a week off (maybe more) and rehab them so that I am healed and ready to go for Leadville 100 that is about 11 weeks away.  Below are some videos I found on YouTube to help strengthen the supporting muscles to hopefully prevent any further injuries.  Anyone have any experience with these exercises or know of any others I should be doing?
Along with the exercises, I am also icing twice a day and wearing my calf sleeves to try to keep inflammation down.