Waldo 100K

Waldo 100k and Time Flies When...

The last few months have been a whirlwind.  I've ran a race, worked a bunch, signed up and have been training for another race, and directed a race.  I'm not even sure where to start on this post which means I need to do a better job of keeping it up to date.

Let's start with Waldo 100K.  I was really trying to key in on this race but those two ankle sprains from July really pushed my specific training back and I ended up concentrating on just getting healthy.  I avoided a lot of the technical stuff and big down hills which were the major irritant to my ankle. Waldo does not have much from a technical trail standpoint but does have a few long descents that I'd of liked to attack a little harder but played it safe.  Overall everything held up and I landed right around where I thought I would which was between 12 and 13 hours.  My time was 12:15:44 good enough for 19th overall.  I know that I left some time out there by not having that "killer instinct." I didn't push too hard when things were uncomfortable and they were given this thing took place above 5k. However, given that I had been dealing with some injuries coming in I wanted to get though this thing in one piece and just enjoy the day on a killer, well organized course.  Mission accomplished.

So..... what happens when a race does not go as well as you would have liked?  You sign up for another one of course!  I took a hard 2 weeks off after Waldo to recover and let that big effort soak in knowing full and well that I was going to get in one more big effort before the year closed out.  I went back and forth on a few things.  Attempted to find a 100 that would get me a lotto ticket for Hard Rock but ultimately determined that nothing out there fit into my schedule.  My RD duties at the Mark Twain Endurance Runs take a lot of time and effort, not to mention toll on my body from a rest standpoint.  I end up taking off almost a week of work to put the event on so to even attempt to travel somewhere else in the month of September to get in that Hardrock qualifier was just not happening.  I settled on Chimera 100.  It looks to be a tough one with lots of climb and technical trail.  I am a fan of these because it means I get walking breaks on the climbs! (We'll see if I am still a fan 70 miles in) This will probably be one of my last big efforts for a while with the new baby on the way.  I figured I might as well go big.   


It is really simple from here.  Run and climb a bunch.  So far I am on track. 

July Went OK

You know when you have all those super high hopes for just throwing down on a mega training block?  You write it down, you visualize it, you prioritize it and you get after it!  Then... something happens and you are thrown off your game and it never fully materializes.  That is what my July was. 

I cant really complain as I did hit some milestones last month.

  1. Most vertical gain in a single week (maybe ever not including races)
  2. Longest time on feet in a week
  3. Tied for the most cumulative training hours in a month

I was just hoping for more.  Unfortunately I hit a snag.  More specifically my right ankle hit a snag back in early June and I reinjured it again in late June.  The first time was a rough one.  I was running down a fairly technical downhill on Kings Mountain and landed on a rock and the full weight of my body came down on it.  I think it popped but there was enough other noise going on with footsteps and my yelling that I cannot be 100% sure.  I nursed it back and was regaining confidence when I did it again on a social run.  I was taking it super easy on the very smooth Wildwood trail when I took a step down and it just felt like it was not there to support me and boom I rolled it again.

The second time seemed to be a little worse as I could feel it pull across the top of my foot and down into my heel area.  I even ended up with a little bruising running horizontally on the outside of my foot  just below the front of my ankle to near my Achilles tendon.  I took some time off to let things heal up again.  I even stayed off the trail for a few weeks and stuck to the roads where I could keep thing level to avoid too much wiggling around for this unstable situation.  The positive of all of this was I was spending a little more time on the roads and was able to concentrate in on some speed work which was probably needed anyway.

 July came and I knew that I was going to be walking the line with this thing.  I wanted to just go out and test it to see what it would do to see if it would hold up.  However I was performing my boy Tommy's wedding on top on Half Dome on July 22nd and could not risk being in a situation when I could not make that hike.  The good news is that the wedding in Yosemite was amazing.  We ran several times in the days before the wedding and hiked the entire Half Dome hike.  I came home and hit some more trail and climbing and ended up with a 7 day total of 77 miles and 16,000 feet of vert.  A positive week for sure.

My confidence is a little low in that ankle stability still.  I hate that.  I usually attack downhills and for now I can't quite get my head around just letting go.  I'll get there.  It is just going to take some time.  My base is good.  Speed is coming around.  Climbing is at an all time high at this point in the year.  I just have not put it all together in a training block that sends my confidence though the roof.  Good thing I have a race coming up to help me figure it out. 

Below are some pictures from my travels and training in July.