Episode 9 - Checking in

Time for a check in! My training volume is up. I'm in crunch time of getting ready for the Big Horn 100 so I decided to give some personal stories of how I am seeing all this diet and training playing out. Short answer: Body feels good. I'm seeing performance increases. I'm recovering faster. Long answer? You'll get that in the audio.

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Episode 4 - A Case of the 2's

This one is all about getting my head right, timing, and sticking to it. Taking the time to surround yourself with options is key. Make sure to have alternatives for meals, snacks, and know where to go when you are out of your "safe space." Going keto or high fat low carb is tough enough given the general food options that surround us. Set yourself up to nail it .


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Episode 3 - Dr Pepper Tastes Good

I take some time to dive into the implementation of my diet to create a ketogenic response or more specifically, how I turned on fat burning.

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