This month was a bust.... or I am well rested

The month of January has historically been a big training month for me. Usually all of my big races have come in the summer months so by the time the new year comes along, I am healthy, rested, and ready to hit it. This year I ran a 100 in November while I was already dinged up and I am lucky enough to be part of the flu epidemic.  Once I was rested up from Ozark Trail I had one good week of training between Christmas to New Years, then quickly swung into a sickness that I just couldn't seem to shake and continued to roll around the Liles household from family member to family member manifesting itself in different symptoms from the little one having full on flu to "just" stomach cramping for the adults. Finally after a few start and stop attempts to get moving in Jan (plus a little nudge from this article) I finally said "F&%# it, I am calling January a rest month." As someone who has not taken this much time off in 7+ years, it has been rough mentally, though with me being somewhat under the weather for an extended period of time it was not as hard if I would have been 100% healthy.  So, happy New Year to all of you.  I look forward to hitting the ground running in Feb, well rested of course.