Training and Leadville Coverage and Pacing


What a whirlwind that last few weeks have been!  Training has been going really well and my fitness is fairly high right now.  The week of August 5th ended with 71 miles and some solid speed work with my turnover really coming around. I may be running faster than I ever have as some of my mile repeats have landed consistently in the 5:45 range with a 5:31 coming at the end of a workout.  I guess I need to run a 5k just to see where things sit. Last week was a rough one.  I was in Chicago for a conference where I was pretty much booked up from early morning to late night.  Getting in anything medium to long during the week was out the door so I did what I could living out of the hotel.  A hill workout on the treadmill, a fast cruise with my buddy Caleb along the lake front where we averaged about 6:40s and I didn't feel like dying.  That's a far cry better than when we used to run together a few years back.  I squeaked out 16 miles during the week, then took to Leadville for a little pacing and race coverage with iRunfar over the weekend.

I started with this out my windows on Monday



and ended up here on Friday



I hung with Meghan for the first part of the race and had a great time helping out, laughing, and taking pics for the race.  Then waited at the turn around for  my runner to come in to do a few pacing sections where I climbed Hope Pass and then did the last 13.5 from May Queen in.  It was my runners first 100 but we got him in with 28 minutes to spare! Nice job  Randy, way to keep pushing!!

Below are some various pictures throughout the weekend.


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