Vacation and New Trails – Part 1

Last week my wife, daughter, father-in-law (Ron) and I all hopped in the car for an old style road trip family vacation.  Our destination was Hilton Head Island, SC.  We had a great time hanging out on the beach playing, relaxing, and even stomped around Savannah for a day.  I in addition to this tried my best to explore some trails along the way.

First off was just some good old running on the beach and along the paved bike paths along the island.  Then I got a little tired of all the hard and flat surfaces and decided to find a trail.  What to do to find some trails in a new place?  Post the question on Facebook.  Within hours I had a location from Michael Hall to check out. I checked the website for directions and the next morning I was there.  Mike suggested Sea Pines Forest Preserve.  I headed over to the preserve without any real idea of what to expect so I took my Flip MinoHD along just in case something good came up.  The trail itself was not that interesting.  Mostly a flat, soft mixture of sand and pine needles and dirt.  However there were some really long wooden bridges that were just about a foot or so above the areas that were swampy.  Here’s a look at one of the bridges and what happened to be just below this one.  It definitely made this trail run worth while.