Vermont 200 Pacing Recap

If  don’t follow my twitter feed, you may have missed the video I put together from the McNaughton 200 in Vermont.  Everything about this race was CRAZY, the distance, the course, and the weather, all nuts.  We started with sunshine and 60’s, had constant downpours and 40’s, the sun came out and we has a huge rainbow, then it snowed… all in 61 hours. 

I actually logged 60 miles out there pacing during the event.  40 of them were at night.  I landed 10 Thursday night, 10 Friday morning, 20 Friday night going into Saturday morning, 10 more Saturday during the day then my final 10 Saturday night moving into Sunday morning all on about 8 hours of sleep.  Good climbing, technical trail, night running sleep deprivation, garbage weather.. seems like perfect training to me!

If you want to hear it from Ryan directly check out his follow-up interview Endurance Planet.

61 hours and 22 minutes of ultrarunning good times!