I’m 3 weeks past McNaughton now.  Man, it’s so crazy that I actually completed a 100 mile race… and finished pretty well to boot.  Coming in that high was not my intention, but of course when you are successful it really drives you to want to go out and do it again to see how you might fare.   However, I will actually use my better judgment for once and not just jump right back in.

I’m probably looking a 2 more ultra races this year.  My thoughts are a 50k-50 mile in the July time frame.  I plan on building on my base and starting to pick up the speed a little over the next few months.  Basically, I will try to put in 40-50 miles a week with a few speed workouts and overall just pushing the pace over my “time on the feet” training I used for McNaughton.  Then after July I’ll start picking the miles up and hit 50-60 and spike a few times the 70’s  I’ll do this with the intention of running another 100 in the  October/November timeframe.  My thoughts are really heavily on the Ozark Trail 100.  The start/finish line is about 2 hours from my house and it’s a point-to-point, so no running in circles (SWEET!).  I don’t know for sure, but it’s got a lot of appeal to me.  Folks I know are the RD’s and the SLUG’s are helping out so there will be familiar faces along the way.

Mainly, I’ve just been working, a little training here and there and there enjoying some downtime.  Some cool news is I was accepted into the Brooks ID program.  I’m pretty excited to be part of a team  have been considered to be on a team with  some just killer athletesI’m looking forward to getting out there, doing my best, and representing well.   I decided against accepting.  It’s not that I don’t like Brooks, they are my go to road shoes and have been for the last 3  years, but not for the trail, I cruise in different kinds all the time and my turnover in that department is high, so committing to just the Cascadia or ASR 5 exclusively was just not for me.  I made sure to let them know before anything formal got in place as not to cause any issue.


It getting hot out there, stay hydrated and put on your sunscreen!!