V__464C After a month plus of weird digestion, dizziness, and other random symptoms a rash decided to pop out on my right side. It stretches along my rib cage from my spine, under my arm pit, to my chest stopping just before my sternum.   Weird right?  Maybe it is from one of my hydration packs.  Perhaps I got into some poison oak?  Nope, it's shingles.  Yes the same thing elderly people get, I have.  The bad news is that it hurts.  That's because shingles is tied to the nervous system.  It is like chicken pox except painful and not itchy (at least for me).  The pain kept me up for a few nights but has since gone way down and it is now just annoying.  Good news?  It turns out that shingles can wreak all sorts of havoc on your system for 6 or more weeks before the rash finally breaks out.  Given the location of the rash is on my right side where all of my other issues were located and the 6 week window of problems I have had, there is a high probability that the two are linked.

Now it is just a waiting game.  I have to let the shingles pass (up to a month) then see where things are. I can run but chose not to.  The location of the shingles with a shirt rubbing on them was not worth the benefit of the run itself.  Luckily the rash is in the later stages and is not inflamed anymore so I'll be back at it this week.

The puzzle seems to be coming together.