Training Update April 1 - 7

Continuing to improve and gain endurance with a little more pep in my step. I landed my 2nd 60 mile week in a row with 170 over the last 3.

This week was pretty light for weekly miles but I more than made up for it this weekend pacing my buddy Tommy at the Potawatomi 100 in Pekin, IL. He landed first place and the second fastest time ever on the course in 19:33.xx. A great day for him and I was just glad to be a part of it. It is an amazing thing to see just how deep someone can keep digging when it seems like there is nothing left. I paced 40 total with him. 50-70, took a break from 70-80 to refuel and be rested enough to make sure I could keep pushing him the last 20 from 80-100.

Monday - 4.3 easy trail Tuesday. - 4 easy road Wednesday - 5.4 progression Thursday - off Friday - 7.1 sunny road miles Saturday - early a.m. Sunday - 40

Total - 60.8 miles in 11:47