Chapped Eyes

Today I am excited!  The temps out are WAY up.  I mean almost 50 degrees warmer than it was 3 days ago.  Outside of the usual reasons to be glad warmer temps are here, I have another reason.  My eyes are chapped!  Not my eye ball, but the corners of my eyes.  They’ve been red an irritated.  Nothing major or gross, but enough that it’s noticeable.

I’ve been running outside pretty much all the time regardless of weather.  The side effect of running in the cold and wind is that the corner of my eyes have taken a beating.  The watering of my eyes from the cold air blowing has caused some damage to the skin.  It’s getting better by me putting good ol’ Vaseline on the area before I run.  It’s almost gone, but this warm weather is going help stop the eye watering so hopefully the issue is gone soon.

Better put on my short shorts and get some miles in and soak up that sun.  You wait too long for those “competition length” shorts to get broke out and you have a sun tan that stops at your knee and shorts that stop mid thigh (shorter for some, but that’s as high up as I’m willing to go)… like this chap for instance (also not me)

I’ve got a 12 hour training run tomorrow.  Going to just cruise and spend time on my feet.  I’ll try to get some pics or some video while I am out there.

Enjoy your long miles weekends folks, the ultra season is upon us!