Not just slogging along

Tuesday - 16.75 miles, easy pace & core work

Wednesday - 6 miles, 6x400's on the hotel treadmill and drills in parking lot (I was THAT guy)

Thursday - 19.5 miles, Climbing workout then an easy shake out.

Friday - 6.2 miles, super easy

Saturday - 11.2 miles, easy out, picked up the pace back

Sunday - 24 miles, steady run on the Green Rock trail with the sun shinning

Total: 83.5 miles and a little over 14 hours of total training.

This is on the high side in terms of volume for me, but man did I feel great. I was not just out slogging miles. I was running sprints, hill repeats, recovery runs.. you know a plan. Looking over the last 10 days puts me at 113.79 miles. Not 100% sure but that's got to be close to a 10 day high for me.

Onward and upward!