Training 2/27 - 3/3

Monday - 6.51 miles easy

Tuesday - 6x400's stayed really steady on these. between 1:11 - 1:13 and strength afterward

Wednesday - Easy 6.6 on the single track and core work

Thursday - Day Off - work and life got in the way

Friday - Planned Day off

Saturday - Negative Split 7.72 miles pace back was 7:22

Sunday - 12 miles laid back on the trail with my buddy John.

Total - 41 miles and about 6:30 hours of training.

Very happy with this week coming off of what was a high volume one the week before. I’m looking forward to 3 Days of Syllamo this weekend, especially after last year's bust. I had an allergic reaction to some NSAIDs that caused some breathing issues. I had to keep my effort really low so I would not hyperventilate. It was Super Lame! Luckily I’ve not had to mess with NSAID’s or the like this year so hopefully I will not be dealing with anything random like that episode. I’m really looking forward to putting this training and nutritional plan to the test.

A while back I threw in a "sweet piece of gear" note and I figured I'd share another one with you. Up top I have a "My Gear" section. I have the Rudy Project Ekynox SX called out already but I picked up some new lenses and I'm not sure why I did not have these before. They are called... get ready for it... IMPACTX PHOTOCHROMIC CLEAR. Yep, that’s the name of the lenses. Here's what it means. They are clear, change to dark when light hits them, and have a durable coating on them. I've been wearing them a lot lately. They are spot when trail running because sometimes you're back in the trees and don’t need dark lenses so they lighten up to almost clear. Other times your running out on a ridge or on a road section and the sun is beating down and they get dark. Of course they transition to everything between those 2 scenarios too.