Sick as a Dog

Last week I had a great 1st taper week with easy flat miles during the week days with a little bit of speed mixed in.  Yassine put together a group run last Saturday and we explored the back 20 miles of the Gorge course.  I felt great during the long run, climbing well and closing out the run with some good turnover on the technical sections.  I was super excited to barely feel fazed by it on Sunday but still stuck to plan and did not run.

This week however was not as good.  I was so sick. Late Monday night to Tuesday morning was spent hugging the toilet and I did not feel normal again until today.  I'm still a little dehydrated and under weight but my energy has returned and I ran easy this morning and hiked this afternoon so I should be good to go come race day on Saturday.  Not exactly how I planned on spending my taper week but I guess my legs are fresh as I have barely moved the last few day.

I'll spend this week staying hydrated, eating good foods, and mentally preparing.  I'll get in a few runs here and there and just take it easy.  I'm antsy and ready to roll.