Sticking to It

Another week where all goals were met, but when your goals are fairly loose that is a little easier to do.  It is not that I do not have goals, I have just chosen not to get overly specific this early in the season.  Right now I just want to ramp up and be consistent.  I have been shooting for 60+ miles, log around 10k of climb, and run a little faster a few times during workouts for each week. Monday - rest/recovery from long run

Tuesday - Extended out my normal 7 miler a bit and picked up some extra climb. Pushed the effort a bit as well. 8.5/1,152

Wednesday - My staple hill routine but added a little longer warmup and cool down. 10.2/2,070

Thursday - Doubled down to get a extra sun.  Hit a shorty before the Animal Athletics group run.  10.7/1628

Friday - An easy little something to keep the blood flowing after a long day behind the computer. 5.1/696

Saturday - Hit the Wildwood Trail with Robbie O. Fairly relaxed fat burning outing. 16.2/2664

Sunday - A family hike and a solo road run with some turnover at the end.  Sub 21 5k to close it out. 12.6/1689

Daily - push-up, dips, abs

Total 63.2 miles 9899 ft/climb


I'll ratchet things down a bit in both miles and climb this week as Gorge Waterfall 100k is right around the corner.  Given where my fitness is I think I'll be better served going in with fresher legs than to keep driving on the training .  The weather looks really good again this weekend though so I still plan to log a long run on the back portion of the course.

Another item of note is my wife's new blog.  She decided she wanted to get out and hike somewhere every week this year so she started to capture the process.  It has been a great way for us to explore the area around out new home and spend time in the outdoors as a family.  The pictures on this post are from our failed attempt to drive up to Larch Mountain and hike around.  The road to the top was still closed for the winter but we made the best of it by running around like fools on the closed pavement for a few miles.  There is something oddly freeing about being on a street with no traffic to worry about.