Episode 9 - Checking in

Time for a check in! My training volume is up. I'm in crunch time of getting ready for the Big Horn 100 so I decided to give some personal stories of how I am seeing all this diet and training playing out. Short answer: Body feels good. I'm seeing performance increases. I'm recovering faster. Long answer? You'll get that in the audio.

Show Notes
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Episode 5 - A New Training Block

This one cover talking about the MAF (maximum aerobic function) method of training.  Keeping it slow for a bit to support the dietary change.  Learning how to slow down and not get all wrapped up in my Strava data.  I find out that my aerobic fitness is .... no good and yours probably isn't either.

Show Notes:

What is MAF? 

A Case for Base Training.  Though this article doesn't care as much for MAF