Light on the miles, high on the muscle pain.  

Monday- rest


Tuesday- easy bike, weights, core - 2 hours


Wednesday- 2 runs, sprints AM, easy short PM - 10.7 miles


Thursday- lunges, core, pushups, wrecked - 45 minutes


Friday- leg blasters, easy trail - 9 miles


Saturday- rest


Sunday- 9 mile hike with 30lb pack - 3 hours


Total - 29 miles, 9 hours training time This sort of week is hard on me mentally.  I have a rough time looking at 29 miles and feeling good, but I did some out of the box training this week that I know will be helpful for the long haul. I still hit 9 hours or training time which is about what I averaged last year, it was just all running as opposed to running and wieghts, core, etc.


Busy week ahead with work and some travel so I'm going to have to work on a strict schedule to get in what I need too.


I'm not in the hood by any stretch, but I did think this was a funny scene right at the trailhead