Training 1/9 - 1/15

A fair bit more volume this week as I more than doubled last week's miles. 

 Monday - short easy run and core work - 4 miles
Tuesday - Speed work in the AM, shake out in the PM - 11.8 miles
Wednesday - leg workout and easy run with accelerations at the end - 7 miles
Thursday - Treadmill progression run. Warm up and 9m/m then increase speed/effort every 10 minutes until 6:24m/m for last 2 minutes - 9 miles
Friday - active recovery run - 5.2 miles
Saturday - Easy trail with hard 20 minutes at the end. - 21 miles 4k climbing
Sunday -  Fat burning run. Kept it easy - 12.75 miles

 I ended up with a total of 71 miles for the week and right at 12 hours of training.  This type of volume for me has tended to come near peak training time so to hit it this early and still feel strong is a great sign.  That Saturday run is on my staple trail, the Green Rock, and I think I may have ran the last 2.5 miles as fast as I ever have.  Sunday was also a good indicator as I ran comfortable with hardly any soreness or major fatigue.  It seems like I am starting to adjust to the strength and core training and it is not having as much of an "negative" effect on my pace and effort as several weeks ago.

 Lastly, I'll call out a sweet new piece of gear that I picked up, the  Patagonia Wind Shield Jacket . I wore this all weekend.  Saturday was about 12 degrees at the start of the run and this jacket paired with a silk-weight base layer long sleeve was perfect.  Plus when it warmed up the full legnth zipper and vented pockets allowed heat to escape.  Sunday warmed up but was really windy. I wore a sleeveless shirt and the jacket and again that was all I needed for 40 degrees and 25mph cold winds blowing across the open fields here in IL. 

 Hope you had a great week!