Training 1/2 - 1/8

Lower volume last week but 3 speed specific workouts but the hurt on me.

Monday - speed work and strength training - 5.5 miles

Tuesday - 1 hour easy bike and strength training

Wednesday - Tabata runs, these sucked! It's a 24 minute workout with 4 minutes of hell ~3 miles

Thursday - Easy trail run - 7.75 miles

Friday - strength training, leg specific

Saturday - off

Sunday - Anaerobic threshold for 2.5 hours on the Chubb Trail. Pretty solid outing with my buddy Tommy who kept me honest and pushing on some really tired legs from the day before. Hit the climbs hard -16.5 miles and around 2k of climb

Total - 33 miles ran, 1 hour bike and 3 leg/strenght workouts.

That Sunday run was a bear. My legs were trashed from the first step so to average a 9 minute pace on this trail with mutiple climbs between 200-400 feet is a good feeling. Sometimes its good to just see what you can grunt out.