Training 12/26 - 1/1

Monday - core work

Tuesday - sprints and leg work

Wednesday - 40 minutes super easy running to shake things out.

Thursday - 13.5 miles on Silver Lake Trail

Friday - weights at the gym

Saturday - 25 miles on the Berryman Trail with friends (running and scouting for Mark Twain 100)

Sunday - rest

Total - 48.11 ran/10.5 hours of run+cross training


A little lighter miles this week but starting to feel the positive effects of the strength training.  We turned it up a bit in the last 5 miles of the 25 on Saturday.  Running in the high 7's on the flats and mid 9's on the climbs was pretty great, especially after a leg workout the day before.

Also, I'm signed up for my "A" race for 2012.  Tahoe Rim 100, here I come!

Lastly.... I had a goal to hit 2400 miles for 2011 and I ended up with 2425 which is exactly a 20% gain in mileage over 2010 where I hit 2021.