Training 12/19- 12/25

Monday - 7.2 miles with accelerations the last 10 minutes and core work

Tuesday - leg workout then 12 miles on the muddy wet trail (lots of fun)

Wednesday - 4 mile warm up and cool down with sprints. Run 2 was 5.1 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace

Thursday - Leg workout at the gym

Friday - rest

Saturday - 24 miles on the trail with my buddies to celebrate the 24th of December.  Great run and lots of laughing as we crusied in the bright sun and the cold air.

Sunday - Merry Christmas to you with Tabata Run for 2.77 miles.  Legs were not digging turnover after 5 hours on the trail Saturday,  I'll sneak in a core  workout at somepoint tonight.

Totals: 56 miles ran. 11:30 minutes of total training all with a cold. blah. My abs are super sore this week, but my wife said my stomach "looked more ab-by." I win.