Training and some other stuff

I'm back on the training wagon and for the first time ever, with a real plan.  After some reflection on the past year, as we seem to do in December, I realized that I have more potential than I am using.  As stated in my last post all the things a runner would want to improve on (with the exception of in-race nutrition) have gone up at a steady pace the last few years.  I've done this by simply running more each year compared to the last.  I have always had a loose training plan.  Not completely from the hip as I like to hit certain metrics or items in a typical week.  For example a week might look like this: run 50+ total miles, run fast a time or two, run slow, rest, run a trail with climbs as much as possible, get in 20+ on tough terrain on the weekend.  That's about it.  Not totally lacking of a plan but a loose at best.

I've decided that its going to be a time to focus in and get more serious about things.  I'll still run for the fun of it as that's why I do this, but it sure feels good to nail a race and that item has been sporadic at best.  So what have I done to get focused? A few things, first and most important is changed my mindset.  It is really easy to say "this is it......this time I'm going to...." then as a little bit of time goes on, revert back to those comfortable training methods.  I'm not going to just get in miles in 2012, I'm going to get focused training in for 2012.  Second, I changed my diet.  I'm paleo focused.  I'm not crazy specific about the diet but I do my best to stick to it and when I can't I do my best to be gluten free and low carb.  Lastly, I hired a coach.  Matt Hart (blog)  @thematthart (twitter) took me on as a client and I'm really excited about it.  In my first week, I've already done more speed work than all of 2011 combined.  I look forward to another great year on the trail with friends and unlocking some of that potential that I've yet to do on my own.

Training for the week of 12/12-12/18

Moday - 9.5 miles of running to the gym and back. Legs, lower back, core workout at the gym

Tuesday - 3 miles - Sprint work on the hotel treadmill

Wednesday - 7 miles run. Easy first 50 minutes. Acceleration the last 10 minutes. Core

Thursday - leg workout

Friday - Off

Saturday - 21 miles - Green Rock trail 4k of climb

Sunday - 4.8 miles - super easy and slow recovery run

A nice "back to training week."  The leg workouts were still with me on Saturday and made cornering switchbacks and downhill running a little tougher.  I could feel that deep soreness hanging around, but its new training and I used to lift weights a lot so not much of a suprise.