Training 4/2 - 4/8

Monday - Core work. Skipped my run as my feet were swollen up. Guess I messed up my salt/fluid intake a little in the 90 degree heat during my 5 hours  on trail the day before. Better safe than sorry Tuesday - Mile repeats x 4. Felt like crap when I took off for my warm up and though my first two repeats.  Both were just under 6 minute miles (5:59 and 5:58) then I came around and landed a 5:54 and 5:41 for my last two repeats.  Pumped my fist and gave out a solid "HELL YEA!" after that 5:41. A little core work too. - 7.27 miles

Wednesday -  Tabata run and core - 3 miles

Thursday - rest

Friday - negative split run first 52:30 @ 7:58, 2nd 52:30 @ 7:24.  13.75 miles

Saturday - Hit the Green Rock trail. 22 miles

Sunday - rest, peeps, and ham

Total - 46 miles and 7:49 of training

An okay week coming off of a big one.  Some runs were spot on, others were just blah.  Really jacked about the mile splits.  I can say for certain that I have not ran anything that fast since high school track in 97.  This week is taper time and a 50 miler on Saturday.  Going to get to bed early every night, along with keeping the quality calories and fluids up.  Ready to do this!