Training March 19 - 25

Back at it! Feeling good after a down week following 3 Days of Syllamo.

Monday - was supposed to be a rest day but I got a new piece of shiny gear that I felt compelled to use so I snuck out for an easy 4 miles

Tuesday - Easy run with some accelerations at the end. Felt good to get the legs turning over. 8.5

Wednesday - cross training with some isometric stuff

Thursday - rest day

Friday - cross training and running. 7 miles

Saturday -  Negative split for 3 hours. First 11 miles around 8:50, second 11 a bit under 7:50 - 22 miles

Sunday - hill repeats at the bluff on Chubb Trail. 3.5 miles. The family went with me and hiked around a bit while I ran.  I attached some picutures below

Total - 46 miles and 7.5 hours total training.

Volume picks back up this week and I finally have a week where I am not traveling for work so looking forward to getting all my workouts fit in.

Potowatomi 50 mile is in 2 weeks. This is course is where I ran my first 50.  It took me 11:24 minutes.  Looking to chop about 3 hours off that time, weather permitting.