Training March 23 - 26

Monday - core, easy hour with accelerations at the end - 7 miles Tuesday - core, short climbs on the treadmill. 6 x 1 minute @ 6% @ 6min/mil - 6.25 miles

Wednesday - core, pair of easy runs - 16.39 miles

Thursday - core, 50 meter sprints - 3.1 miles

Friday - rest

Saturday - Hit the staple Green Rock trail. Felt good even with the temps climbing - 25 miles

Sunday - Core and two easy runs. One in the AM, one in the PM - 10 miles

Totals - 11.5 hours of training including 67.84 miles ran

Felt great after low miles and recovery last week.  My diet is back where it needs to be and have been experiencing some success using GU Roctane drink as my electrolyte and calorie supplement (plus gels) for the long stuff.   I'll keep tinkering with the in-run fueling a bit but I feel like I'm on to something by keeping it simple and avoiding too many different pieces of the puzzle.