Training update and change of plans


The goal was for this post to be my race report from Grindstone 100.  However, the government shutdown caused the race to be canceled so I had to find an alternative.  I'm heading back to Fountain Hills, AZ for the Javelina 100 once again.  It's a way different race in terms of terrain.  A lot less climbing and a lot more runnable surfaces are on tap come Oct 26th.  My last go out there ended at 80 with about 20 miles of puking.  I hope to not repeat that part again. Training has gone fairly well.  I have a 6 month bulk of mileage that is as high as I've ever had so even with a little dip in mileage from my RD duties in Sept, I'm in a good spot.  I've also tapered once already and now I'm doing it again.  I don't know if that is good or bad but my legs feel great so we'll go with it being a good thing.

This week: Monday - 7.2 miles Tuesday - 7.6 miles shake out Wednesday - speed work plus some easy running - 5 miles Thursday - off Friday - negative split. 8 miles Saturday - cruising 11 miles at a steady 8 min/mile Sunday - 20.4 miles and 4k on the Green Rock.  My legs felt awesome

Total - 59.2 miles



post trail run. We all have races in the next 2 weeks.

John - 24 The Hard Way- 24 hour race

Me - Javelina 100

Tommy - Ozark Trail 100