Core Work Saved My Face

Monday - shake out run with core, 9.18 miles Tuesday - Hit the Green Rock with Tommy and Jason + core, 13 miles and ~2k of climb

Wednesday - Speed work on the road. Meetings ended at 8:30pm got in what I could before the park closed. 3.1 miles

Thursday - missed my 10ish mile trail run with time constraints.  Plus it was my 9 year wedding anniversary so decided missing an easy mid week run was ok. 4.1 miles

Friday - rest

Saturday - just a hair under 6 hours on the Green Rock with Tommy and John joining us for about 1/2. - 30 miles

Sunday - recovery run 10 miles

Total 69 miles and 12:37 of total training

A good week for sure. Several tough trail runs and never felt like I was worn out or lacking turnover.  However, two times this week I walked away from what could have been some nasty falls.  On Tuesday running on the trail, I caught a root with my toe and bent over at the waist so far that I had to have been below 90 degrees while still running.  I felt my core engage and pulled myself upright and just kept cruising.  The guys I was running with said they were not sure how I came out of that.  The second fall was Saturday and I did go down but not all the way.  We we coming down a rocky downhill section that requires some good footwork to navigate and I was not paying attention close enough, caught a rock and went down.  What was crazy was I never actually hit all the way. I was laid out, sideways on the trail, sliding downhill on my water bottle in my left hand and on my toes in the back just inches from the ground. I popped up in a cloud of dust and just finished the decent.  I gouged up my hand with some rocks that slid in between my handheld and the bottle but other than that and a few scrapes, I'm good.  My buddy Tommy described the fall as a "sliding plank."

I'm fortunate to have been guided to do so much core work this year.  I think if this would have happened last year, I could have been in worse shape. In both of these falls, I could feel my core engaging and holding strong as the event was happening.