Training 6/11 - 6/17

Monday - Rest Day Tuesday - Easy run - 6.8 miles

 Wednesday - Speed work AM, easy run PM - 11.8

Thursday - missed my workouts. work and getting ready for a weekend away

Friday - travel to Big Horn 100 for pacing

Saturday - things did not go as planned only ended up with 10 miles pacing

Sunday - hard run in the heat after all day in the plane - 8.1 miles

Total: 37 miles and around 6 hours of training.

Not the training week I was hoping for but I think I needed a down week.  I've been feeling a little fatigued as of late.  I could already tell on my run yesterday that a few days of rest really helped.  I was thinking I'd grab a big mileage week with the pacing but my runner ended up dropping at 50.

Not 100% sure what happened to my friend John but the altitude really hit him hard.  He diplayed all the effects of altitude sickness and had problems right from the start of the day.  I ended up having to run into the aid station at mile 45 to get him as the AS workers were not letting him out by himself.  I kept talking to him and trying to gage his health but never felt like he was himself.  Lots of long pauses in speech, a headache, dizziness.  All a little scary to see.  I've seen some really beat up people at races and even crewed Ryan Dexter and a 200 mile race and he never displayed these types of symptoms.  Ryan showed massive amounts of fatigue but never the cognitive and vision issues that John displayed.  After looking back at it all we're thinking he may be low blood iron as he did Tahoe 100 last year at the same elevation profile and showed none of these effects.  He's going to get his blood tested to find out.  I hope that is what it is because that is a quick fix.

Big mileage coming this week and its going to be a scorcher around here.  Lots of running, eating, and sleeping coming up!

some pics from Big Horn below.